Politics in the US


With all the angst and divisiveness present between the major political parties in the U.S., the question to be asked is when will it end. The reason this question has to be answered is because a more important question rises to the surface: how will the American society move forward and get back to economic growth?

A strict business perspective of the U.S. economy is that American politics have little or no influence on the business sector, that businesses rise and fall regardless of government influence. But the new president has shown exactly the opposite, and with tax policy changes looming, the political infighting can cripple any hoped for economic expansion by businesses. If the economy falters, jobs will be lost and the American public will be targeting those responsible in the upcoming 2018 elections.

World leaders and the American public need to consider what happens if the Democratic party get their wish and impeachment proceedings are begun by the U.S. Congress. Politicians from both sides agree that if the Democratic party takes control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 elections, impeachment proceedings are almost a certainty. The rumor of such an event sent the American stock markets diving more than 300 points in a single day. The impact on the country would be significant.

It has been said for many years that America will implode due to the nature of its government. There are clearly external forces trying to bring down the country, but at this point the case can be made that there is a greater threat from within. There are stories of a shadow government and the Resistance, shadows of Europe in World War II. Should such an implosion occur at any level, the Chinese and the Russians are prepared to fill the void economically and militarily.

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